About Us


Our Mission is to blend Ethics, Excellence & Equality in Such proportion that it will transform the personality & perception of our students..

Teachers:-  We believe in facilitating our students in their journey of Life. New Angels Sr. Sec. School has an excellent team of professional & qualified faculty who continuously works with students for their better performance.

We, the teachers, not only shape our students with Creative and Innovative ideas but we also teach them the way of Living. We are providing our students a modern interface with new trends & teaching methodologies and promoting Value based study & real world problem solving attitude. Teachers are present in every bit of their students & we love all our students.

Ethics:-  We, at our school, believe in ethical way of living. In today's world making ethical decisions at each point is very important. Humans are more inclined towards the Evil & Wrong & as an Institution we have taken the importance of Ethics & Values for a good character & conduct. We work to provide Ethical building block to Our Country.

Excellence:-  Our Emphasis on excellence in education has a great impact on life of our students, teachers & people associated with us. We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our operation. This approach is developing a respectful relationship at our campus & helps us in developing a professional atmosphere around us.

Equality:-  We are a family regardless of coming from diverse culture, gender, age or anything else in our Campus, Diversity Co-exist with equality &help us to improve our work place culture & increase the harmonious atmosphere within us. Equality is a tool which spread love, respect & peace among us.


At New Angels we want to provide such an extra ordinary educational experience that motivates the child to work and achieve academic excellence, creates confidence in the child in order to face the bitter challenges of life and get groomed to achieve success in every walk of life.

Teachers:-  New Angels environment is well Disciplined, Holistic, Friendly & Supportive in building a healthy mind in a healthy body. Along with academic education, due alteration is given to sports and co-curricular activities also.

The management, Parents, students along with the talented staff of New Angels aim to equip the students with the most excellent proficiency that helps to inculcate qualities of integrity, leadership and maximum adaptability. Resultantly with each academic session; we are progressing from streugth to strength & continuously aspire for success.