Rules & Regulations


Dress and Appearances

1. Students must dress neatly and wear the official school uniform which prides them both at school and in public. Shoes must be clean and ties worn correctly. Belts form an integral part of the Boys uniform.

2. Shirts are to be tucked in all times.

3. Boys hair must be neat, naturally coloured and cut above the collar and ear levels. Girls' hair are to be naturally coloured and tied back if it is longer than shoulder length. Makeup is not permitted.

4. School sports apparel is worn to and from school on approved occasions or sport events.

`5. Every student is required to wear the prescribed uniform. Boys are strictly forbidden to wear baggy trousers and slim fits.

6. All students should be careful to attend classes and other school functions strictly in school uniform. They should be careful to see that their uniform confirms to be approved pattern only. Students who come to school without proper uniform will be sent back home.


1. Students should attend classes from the opening day, after each vacation. Absence without leave application will lead to the removal of the student’s name from the college rolls.

2. The school assembly is the most important part of the day. Every student should be present to begin the day with prayer and pay heed to the announcements made therein.

3. All students must come to school with their lessons well prepared and homework completed. Exercise books and material for Art & Craft should be brought to school according to the routine.

4. Students should always strive to speak in English in the school premises, and acquire fluency in conversational English. They should maintain a high standard in their conversation.

5. It is not advisable to bring valuable things not pertaining to the daily works and not approved by the principal.

6. Students have to paydue respect to his/her teachers and elders whether in or outside the school campus.

7. Students are not permitted to possess mobiles or use portable communication devices in college campus. Consequences for violation of this rules will be confiscation of the device and suspension for the students

8. Students who need to use a telephone may use college phone during emergency only.

9. Students should avoid carrying cash.

10. Students who expect to return their home late are responsible for informing their parents in advance.

11. The name of the students will be struck off in case fees are not deposited in stipulated time. The name will be enrolled after payment of re-admission fee only.


1. A minimum attendance of 90% of the working days is required for promotion. Students whose attendace is short will be restricted.

2. No leave is granted except for serious reasons and only on a prior written application of the parent or guardian.

3. No half day leave will be granted without prior permission.

4. Application for medical leave for more than 3 days should be accompanied by a medical certificate by a registered doctor.

5. All leave applications should be countersigned by the parents.


1. Possession, consumption, supply or use of tobacco, alcohol, narcotic substances, etc. Possession of antisocial, dangerous and disruptive articles such as knives, catapults, crackers, any other sharp objects, etc. bullying or harassment of any kind.

2. Malpractice in the examination process. Such students may be suspended for a specified period or expelled permanently from the school by the principal. Damage to school property will invite strict disciplinary action apart from imposing fine for recovery of cost of the defaced damaged item.

3. Students are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the college but also for their general behavior outside. Any report of objectionable conduct on the part of any pupil will make him/her liable for disciplinary action.

4. The school reserves the right to discipline students who breach this zero tolerance policy or indeed any student whose behavior is unsatisfactory. Discipline may include detention, suspension, or expulsion.


1. The school expects the co-operation of the parents. They must ensure that. Possession of antisocial, dangerous and disruptive articles such as knives, catapults, crackers, any other sharp objects, etc. bullying or harassment of any kind.

  • i. The students should come to school daily punctually and in proper uniform.
  • ii. The students are provided with their prescribed books stationer/proper uniform and their fee is paid in time.
  • iii. The students should do their home work regularly.
  • iv. Parents are most welcome to approach the Principal for their grievances, opinion and suggestions during visiting hours.

2. Parents are advised to check their ward’s bag before sending him/her to school.

3. Parents are requested to respond timely to the reports and information sent to them from the school.

4. Visiting hours of the Principal are from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m

5. Parents are requested to go through their student’s diary daily teacher’s remark and assist their home-work, for their proper development.

6. Parents and Guardians are not allowed to meet their children or to interview teachers during school hours without permission of the principal.

7. There will be parents teachers meet on regular interval attendance is compulsory

8. Right address and contact number must be given to school on first meeting.


1. If a student is willing to take bus services from school. She/he has to pay Bus Fee for 11 months.

2. But X & XII class students have to pay Bus fee for 10 months.

3. Last date for cancellation of Bus service is 31st July. If parents/ Guardians do not apply for cancellation of Bus Services on or before 31st July. They have to pay full fee, as mentioned above.


1. Laboratory equipments are expensive and so, they must be handled carefully. When equipments are issued to students for experiments, it must be handed back to the laboratory incharge before leaving the laboratory

2. No laboratory item should be removed without the permission of in incharge.

3. In case of loss, breakage or serious damage discovered but not owned up by individual student or group, they will have to bear expenses for repairs/ replacement. No chemical should be taken out of the laboratory.

4. Students should enrich the laboratory with their own interest and donate useful items of their experiments, to be kept in laboratory.

5. In case there is any problem and the parent could not come during the aforesaid time, he can contact school on the provided contact number.