Class Rooms

The School campus is spread over a vast & Peaceful area. New Angels is an eco-friendly campus. The school has an Administrative Wing, a Kindergarten wing, a Primary & Middle wing & a Secondary wing. Our's is a Wi-Fi campus. The school campus is located amidst the greenery & close to Nature.

New Angels is one of the top CBSE Schools in Pratapgarh, the class Rooms are well designed, Spacious & Safe with two exit doors. As New Angels is an eco-friendly campus, natural lighting & ventilation has been taken into account. Each Class room is provided with a green/white board, space for displays & Activity Walls The furniture & Equipments has been chosen with utmost safety Each Room is provided with all the necessary classroom resources.

Play Ground

Children have abundace of energy inside them and with the right guidance, this energy will do wonders for the children. Physical development is as much important as mental Development, sports & Games provide appropriate platform to utilize their physical and mental capabilities & grow.

New Angels' Campus has one of the largest play ground in the city for outdoor games with facilities as Athletic track, Kho-Kho, Volleyball & Kabaddi Ground, Badminton Court & Cricket. We also provide Indoor games in the campus.

Science Laboratories

School has well equipped Physics, Chemistry & Biology Laboratories. We make sure in our curriculum that there exists a balance between theoretical & practical approach of teaching. These laboratories help our students in developing a thoughtful approach to understand scientific concepts.

Computer Laboratory

World is moving exponentially when it comes to technology.Topics like Artificial intelligence and IOT are becoming more and more common in today's world. With so much technical advancement in each & every area it is important to maintain the technical speed of our students.

Computer skills range from creating a basic Webpage using HTML to writing computer programms using Python Programming/Scripting languages and these skills will help students to dive deep with Good grasp.

The school has an advanced & Updated Computer lab. Computer science as a subject is compulsorily taken up for all student from nursery to 10th & beyond. Students learn different Tools & Technique. These labs help in developing relevant computational skill in our Student

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics helps in resolving the truth or falsity of conjectures by mathematical proof. Our Mathematics lab provide students a well equipped platform to understand the basic mathematical concepts in a better way through students usually develop a kind of fear inside their mind for mathematics But coming to the lab on a routine basis helps them in developing interest for the subject. Students learn by fun at our mathematics lab.


"A Library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life" Henry ward beecher.

In the age of IT & Internet the idea of Library is equally important as it was before Internet age. A good & rich library shows a wealthy & intelligent mind around. Our school library is repository for various print, audio-visual material, maps, CDs, Documents & many other resources.